Why Go Green, October 2007

Playing to Win by Fred A. Bernstein

In this article the author conducts an interview with architect Bernard Tchumi. He shares his insight on strategies for success that a young architect is strongly recommended to utilize. His main point is competitions and that they open many opportunities for enthusiastic and creative architects. He states that the only way to get "big projects" is through competing, both in the United States but also in foreign counties, especially those in Europe. Tschumi also warns architects from getting disappointed if they lose a competition because the whole aim is to become more familiar with the field and get your ideas out there.

What I learned and sincerely enjoyed: 

1) I learned that entering competitions in European countries might be more beneficial for a US resident because in US competitions the exact designs rarely get implemented whereas in Europe if you win, your structure gets constructed with YOUR design.
2) I enjoyed reading about architects having the chance to actually judge these competitions if they volunteer. I feel like being a judge would be amazing and would help me become a better entrant if and when I were to compete.
3) I learned that competitions aren't always about winning and recognition, but more about testing your ideas and applying what you've learned from years of research and practice. It does not have to be extremely competitive, but an effective assessment of your own skills as an architect.

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