Our assignment was to watch the following video about the open source software company, SketchChair: link to video

SketchChair is absolutely free and innovative, allowing users to experiment with their own concepts and designs. According to the company, their desired goal is to "build an online community of people creating, sharing and editing designs."

Using this online platform allows an individual to create a highly unique piece of furniture and then get instant feedback from the SketchChair community.

The Process: 

When using SketchChair, you will open up to a page of 2D interface software. Here you design the parameters and structure of the object and then test it with a virtual physics engine simulation. This will check whether your chair is functional or not. Once you have refined your design the finished product is shared with the community and some may endorse the manufacturing of your chair. 

When you are ready to assemble your chair you will receive individual pieces similar to the ones on the left. These will go into one another like puzzle pieces which means....No Adhesives! 

So how are they making the design process accessible to all?

1) SketchChair is free and opensource. Therefore anyone with a device may use it.
2) The company builds a community of designers, which opens up possibilities and communication significantly.
3) According to the company themselves,"This is a research lab that has a focus on building systems that engage end users with the design process, with the aims of fostering creativity and promoting product individualization".
4) SketchChair is fun and easy way to get one's creative juices flowing. This appeals to the public and gives them a chance to experience the design process for themselves. 

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09/30/2013 11:00pm

SketchChair is fun and easy way to get one's creative juices flowing


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