Our cardboard room is amazing and it made me realize how satisfying seeing a completed project can be. The gallery features a wonderful mounting of a 3D deer, a book case, a woven carpet, coffee table, lounge chair, and bench ALL made out of simple cardboard. I thought the organization of the space worked well to emphasize each project and everyone seemed relieved. This photo shows a broad view of the space. Everyone is posing in an interesting and relaxing way to highlight the casualness of the space. My favorite piece, by far, is the lounge chair in the far left. It resembles a musical note and looks amazing. Sitting in it looks very fun too. 

Our initial assignment was to choose a piece of furniture to design and build using cardboard and no adhesives. There were five groups and each group chose an interesting piece to design. My group designed the two-seat cardboard bench. It's right across from the zig-zag coffee table. We had close to two months to complete this assignment and each minute was spent wisely. Some of the final products vary from what the initial prototype was, which serves as evidence for how ideas change for the better sometimes. Every group met design challenges, but worked hard to solve them. Each piece, in my opinion was aesthetically pleasing and functional. Overall, the project was enjoyable yet frustrating, but being able to see our designs in this room proves how cardboard furniture is both innovative and practical.


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