Groopti is "a website that uses crowd sourcing and boutique manufacturing to help emerging designers get new products off the ground" and recently came out with innovative cardboard designs.  According to the company cardboard is a great material to use because 90% of it is made out of recyclable material and 100% of it is recyclable. One of the designs is called the Conflicted Corrugation: 
This chair reminds me of a French curve, but exhibits a very modern style. The chair is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. At first glance it may even be mistaken for a work of art. Furthermore, work like this proves that cardboard has the potential to be used for all types of furniture. Hopefully in the future Groopti will be unveiling even more appealing and creative designs! The best part of their work is that they work hard to provide for the people's needs and they do a justice for the world of design. 

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