This article by Creative Bloq highlights "20 famous buildings that you MUST see" Here it is: Blog

Many of these buildings are innovative and works of art from the modern age and even from the past, but what stood out to me was Fallingwater designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1934.

Regarding the structure, the article states, "Fallingwater is quite possibly the most famous private residence in the world." Just by looking at Fallingwater, an individual gets the perception of it being HUGE. It combines elements of nature and modernism to create a structure that blends into the environment, instead of forcing itself into the plane. 

The building's original purpose was to serve as a getaway, mountain retreat for the Edgar J. Kaufmann family of Pittsburgh. However, in 1963, it was entrusted to the Western Pennsylvania Conservatory. Now Fallingwater is a national landmark and a work of architecture admired by the world. Since opening up to the public, it has had millions of visitors. Someday I hope to visit the structure as well.

I truly admire the piece. When I am an architect I want to focus on researching how to blend design into nature to create harmony instead of juxtaposing nature with technical design. My favorite features about the design are the angles and balcony-type structures that extend outwards from the structure. I also love the water fall element which helps to create a scenic atmosphere. Overall, I really admire Wright's work on this piece and hope to see more buildings like this one in the future. 


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