Discover Design holds an annual design competition. Hundreds of students from across the country submit their sketches, designs, and renderings. Last year's competition involved redesigning the school cafeteria. No student wants to eat lunch in a place that looks like a cardboard box or a jail cell. so implementing positive design elements to promote healthy and happy eating is VERY important. Looking at the winners from last year, I was very impressed and could see the effort each individual put into their entry. 

Stephen Hsueh was the first prize winner and I really enjoyed looking at the design process that led to the completion of his final design (pictured below). I loved his design and I think he did deserve first prize. He chose a very simple, realistic design that promotes healthy eating. The cafeteria is also sleek and modernistic on the inside. The color scheme is light, so it's not too overwhelming and helps to emphasize cleanliness. I thought he solved many problems most cafeterias have including lighting, spacing, and health. Having a garden right outside of the library is unique and will remind students of the benefits gardening has on a community. 

I thought the multiple levels the cafeteria has was interesting. Our own cafe only has one floor, but having three levels is something I have never seen. It gives students a sense of freedom and space. They are free to move about in an expansive space. The color scheme was nice also. Green and yellow remind me of vegetables and the sun and grass. Choosing these colors lightens the mood and highlights the importance of nature. Lastly, the garden was probably my favorite part of his design. I've learned from multiple sources that gardening is like printing your own money. It truly is and students should realize how important it is to know how to grow your own food and eat healthy. 

Would you pick a different winner? Why or why not?
I wouldn't pick a different winner because Stephen's project excels all expectations. He clearly put a lot of effort into this project and came up with a brilliant design that meets the need of high school students. The other winners just shy away of presenting an exceptional entry like his. I think his renderings gave a really good idea of the space that the other winners did not achieve. 

Here are all the winners:

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