It's already begun! All those rumors I've heard about architecture school turned out to be...true.

But there's nothing wrong with that! 

The semester started in September and it's all going to wrap up in a month. It's weird to find time flying by so fast. 

So is some of my fresh far:

  • 1. It's a slap in the face- You won't find yourself easing into the curriculum. It will come at you like an ice-cream truck going 100 mph, but instead of ice cream inside...there's black licorice! 
  • 2. It's a team effort- If you got by in high school without collaborating with your peers you'll have to change this up now. The most important resource you have is the dude sitting next to you. He may never be your "Let's go to the movies Saturday night" friend ever, but he will get you through an all-nighter in the studio. Your peers share in your frustration, so let's work together!
  • 3. The work load. Yep. I think that says it all. 
  • 4. Forced Time Management. I've had to force myself out of bad habits. If you were good at time management all along, you won't be petrified. But for those of us who've done "last-minute" assignments---GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, MAN!
  • 5. The professors. Choose wisely. However, even if you have complaints with your professor, know that they are there to help you. You're paying to go to the school, so build relationships. You'll need them to write you recommendations in the future. Just remember that you CAN be FRIENDS with your professor now. This isn't high school people. 
  • 6. The computer is a tool. If you're planning on going to architecture school (you better be if you're reading this blog) then familiarize yourself with Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, SketchUp and other programs. You'll be using them A LOT, so it won't hurt to just look at them.
  • Some of the ones we looked at this semester were:
  • -Photoshop
  • -Illustrator
  • -Indesign
  • -Rhino
  • 7. Google Images, Pinterest, and Tumblr are your friends. It always helps to look at other work. Plagiarism doesn't really exist in architecture so use the examples all around you to better your own work and get new ideas.
  • 8. Architecture School will strip you of your social life. So you thought medical school was where this happened, huh? NO. It's happening right here, right now and you have to deal with it. Surprisingly, architects in the field HAVE to be social. We're not engineers behind computers. In the field we have to meet with clients and build lasting relationships. It's too bad that the schooling you have to go through makes socializing virtually impossible. Hey, but its all good. Odds are that you will go to a party here and there and make wonderful friends. I have :)
  • 9. TURN UP THE MUSIC! It's good to have all your favorite songs around. I've made a few playlists on youtube already. So when you're drawing, lose yourself in the music and continue "thinking with your hands". 
  • 10. Learning new words. You will hear words you have never heard before. I'm trying to keep a list, but it's difficult. I'm sort of an English geek so I don't mind it much. "Iterations" is an especially nice word. It shall become your best friend! 
  • 11. Model making is time consuming. A good 1/8 inch model may take up to 4 or 5 hours to make. Maybe even longer! So be prepared. 
  • 12. YOU HAVE TO PHOTOGRAPH EVERYTHING. Just do it. With a black background!
  • 13. Coffee? Hasn't happened for me yet, but chocolate works!
  • 14. Crits can be brutal. A critique is supposed to be constructive so take what you want and dispose of the rest. Think positive and keep your goals in mind. 
  • Alright....I could go on and on but I feel as though this post needs pictures. 
There we go!

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