As a prospective Architecture student, I found the trip to Bergmeyer Associates Inc. in Boston very helpful. I can't accurately express how wonderful I found the field trip. Our host was former BHS student, Dan Ricardelli. He had graduated from Northeastern's Architecture program recently. One of his colleagues, Bill Spaulding, was giving us a thorough tour and presentation of the firm. I learned a couple valuable things about architecture, work, and Boston:
  • Many architecture firms today are focusing on sustainability. The Rocky Mountain Institute defines sustainability as "Taking less from the Earth and giving more to people." In essence, sustainable architecture is eco-friendly design which implements innovative materials and design elements to make a structure functional, lasting, yet still aesthetic. 
  • LEED is an internationally recognized Green Building Program and there are different terms architects apply to their buildings. Bergmeyer has worked on a few themselves and mentioned working on a Platinum project.
  • Architecture is collaborative. An architecture firm is not solely made up of architects, but they also have space for engineers, human resource specialists, construction associates, interior designers, and marketers. The whole process is very interesting and interdisciplinary. 
  • Boston is a wonderful place to study architecture. The urban environment provides architecture students with a lot of great examples of design. There are dozens of firms in Boston and Massachusetts so students have many opportunities to look for internships. 
  • Working in an office has its ups and downs. Bergmeyer noted how they were fortunate enough to have open-minded staff, but many people in the field may turn out egotistical. Architects with big egos make a day's work harder than it should be. 

The BSA Space influenced me as well. I had no idea that the architecture community in Boston was so close-knit. Making contacts, connections, and new friends will be easier with an organization like the Boston Society of Architects around. The space itself was very eye-catching and economical. The exhibits, however, did not solely focus on architecture. Many were design-oriented and very interesting. Their goal is to get the public involved with architecture because, like our host had said , many people don't know what architecture is, even though it is all around them. Overall, one day I hope to be working for a firm like Bergmeyer's someday and I will definitel

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