Architects need to thoroughly understand the needs and desires of a client then translate their vision into a draft then finally a physical structure. They also deal with long term business planning, relocation planning, Human Resources planning, and space-use planning to meet their client's needs.

An architect's greatest responsibility to their client and the public is safety. They need to be aware of what makes a structure stable and safe to function in. They collaborate with experts, like engineers, to achieve this.

So you want to be an architect? Here are your options:

1. You can go for a  five- or six-year program that gets you a Bachelor of
Architecture degree

2. Or a four-year undergraduate, pre-professional degree program
followed by a two-year graduate architecture program for a Masters in Architecture

3. And lastly, you may choose a three- to four-year professional Master of Architecture degree for students who have already received a Bachelor's degree in an unrelated field

Everyone should know that education alone is not enough to become a licensed architect. In order to become licensed you must participate in an internship program, Internship Development Program (IDP), which may take 3-5 years. Then you have to pass the Architect Registration Exam (ARE).

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