123D Design is a program developed by Autodesk and proves to be more than amazing. It is a 3D modeling app and allows the user to effectively design and then view their designs from various perspectives. The app is difficult to understand at first, but after watching a few tutorials on their website and a few videos on YouTube you will be able to design ANYTHING. Time is obviously a factor along with motivation. What I decides to design was very simple yet fun. 

Here is the final product:

This image roughly portrays the skeleton of a sofa, obviously missing the cushions. I chose to make the design focus on curves and the material I used is wood. I feel that with a few more tweaks this design may actually produce a reasonable and stylish sofa. Overall, 123D design was very fun to use and it's free! I would say that with more practice and time an individual has the potential to make complex, creative, and innovative 3D models. 

07/28/2013 8:36pm

I came to your page via google search and thanks for the introduction! That seems to be the exact thing I'm looking for.


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